The best place to start is probably with the prime character stats so an (almost) direct quote from the rule book seems in order.

"The primary statistics for a Dandanon character are: physical strength (PSTR), manual dexterity (MDEX), agility (AGIL), health (HLTH), mental strength (MSTR), intelligence (INTL), memory (MEMR), physical beauty (PBUT) and size (SIZE).

This is measure of a characters muscle power. A character with a high strength will be able to lift heavy objects and carry a heavy load without being encumbered. A strong character can inflict more damage on his foes.

Sleight and steadiness of hand, quickness of wrists and hand/eye coordination are all covered by manual dexterity. The ability to hit an opponent in combat is also affected by this statistic.

Speed, flexibility and balance are affected by agility. Agile characters make good athletes and acrobats.

Stamina, endurance and resistance to the elements. A healthy character will be able to continue when all around are exhausted.

This is a measure of a characters force of will. It is often used to resist the effects of mind influencing magics and the fear and charming effects of some monsters.

Reasoning and learning ability. A measure of a characters understanding and ability to absorb information from the surroundings and come to the correct conclusion.

Memory is the retentive capacity of the mind. It reflects how much a character can recall of past experiences and how quickly a text or spell can be memorised.

A measure of a characters appearance towards members of their own race. If a character is non-human then this stat is modified to reflect the characters appearance from a human point of view. Some beings inspire fear in those that see them because they have a negative physical beauty.

Not a measure of actual height, but a measure of overall bulk, though height and bulk are related to some extent."

Statistics for humans range from two to twenty (two being awful, twenty being amazing). Others races have their stats adjusted to reflect their particular strengths and weaknesses. E.g. Dockalfar elves gain +3 PBUT but lose -2 PSTR. With modifications, statistics for non-human races can exceed twenty.

In Dandanon PSTR can never exceed SIZE+10 or HLTH+5 and AGIL can't be greater than 30-SIZE or MDEX+10. This restriction is applied before racial or other adjustments and does not apply to the NPC/monster races .
Of the secondary statistics, it seems necessary to mention only a few. These are: General hit points, Shock hit points, Location hit points, CSP (combat speed), WOC (wound class) and SPP (spell points).

These are calculated according to the character's PSTR and SIZE. The bigger and (more particularly) stronger the character, the more hit points they have.
A completely average character - 11 PSTR, 11 SIZE - will have 28 General hit points. A character with maximum human stats - 20 PSTR, 20 SIZE - will have 50.
Hit points are calculated at initial character generation and do not increase with experience.

General hit points and mental strength affect the number of shock hit points. Shock hit points represent the stunning/winding effects that being sruck with a weapon causes.

How many hit points of each type a body part has. Dandanon divides the body into several large chunks: head, chest, arms, pelvis etc. This allows you to wound each body part individually.

A characters combat speed is how fast he moves when striking with a weapon. The lower the value, the faster you are. A character with 20 agility has a CSP of 3.

A characters wound class modifies how badly they are affected by a weapon blow. Creatures and characters with a poor wound class may suffer more serious wounds because of their weedy nature. Large monsters like giants and trolls are unlikely to be wounded by a dagger blow.
With this stat, a negative number is best. The best WOC a human character can hope for is -2.


Spell points are used by wizards to cast their magics. A first level wizard with 20 in every mental statistic would have 100 spell points. Spell points are multiplied by the magic level of the caster.

Skills are percentage based and may include a specialisation rank and field.
E.g. Treat Wounds 68% (Bones rank 2).

The above would indicate that on a roll of 68 or less on 1d100 the character would succeed in treating the wound. If the wound was a fractured bone then the character would be allowed two re-rolls of the dice to obtain a better result.

In most cases it should be possible to guess at what a spell does from its title, however some spells crop up so often that they seem worthy of a little more explanation.


These are stored spells that are activated by their recipient or do so automatically if a specific event takes place.
Armour of Panic- Activated by the recipient as a powerful protection from physical damage. As a general and simplified rule, in order to penetrate an Armour of Panic, 01 to 05 has to be rolled on a d100. If the roll is failed, 10 points are subtracted from the damage caused.
Healing Trigger- Restores 5d10 hit points, usually when a character loses conciousness.


Hand of Flame-Causes 4d10+10 fire damage to one individual at a range of 10 (version1) or 100metres (version2)In Dandanon, fire damage causes very unpleasant wounds. Bolt of the Void-Shoots a bolt of voidal energy up to 10metres. This causes damage of 4d6 (v1), 6d6 (v2) or 8d6 (v3). More powerful versions of this spell can cause the same damage at up to 100metres.

Lightning (1-3)-Shoots a 100m long bolt in a straightish line towards its target, passing through (and damaging) any creatures or objects in the way. V1 causes 1d8+2 damage, v2 2d10+5 and v3 4d10+10.

Orb of the Void- Like Bolt of the Void, except its an orb and you throw it.

Fire Orb- See Orb of the Void. Causes fire damage.

Hand of Healing- Restores 1d10 hit points.
Heal Serious Bleeder- One of a range of wound healing spells. Cures the most serious type of bleeding wound.
Healing Drink-Creates a potion that restores 3d10 hit points.

If you want to know even more I suggest you check out the Future Roleplayer review ,which gives a good overview, or the "What is Dandanon" link, which goes into greater detail, both of which appear on this homepage.