Yes, this is the page for telling you stuff we got wrong or forgot to put in the book. Also we answer questions about all manner of fabulous things.


Shock & how we forgot to mention it anywhere.

Shock is a big factor in Dandanon combat. However, we only mentioned it in passing. So, in a little more detail, here's how it works-

When a hit is made in combat, shock damage is taken on locational as well as overall shock hit points. Now, the bit we forgot to mention (except in SHOCK CLASS) is that a combatant is delayed by a number of timings equal to the number of points of shock damage taken, modified by his shock class. EG: A character is hit by a great mace. He takes 8 general damage, and as a great mace causes +6 shock damage, he takes 14 shock damage. This damage is applied to both his locational and general shock hit points. He is therefore delayed by 14 timings, so if his next action was going to take place at 15, it will now take place at 29. If the character's shock class was -1, he would be delayed by one less timing, and so his next action would be at 28.

When in shock (being delayed by shock) a character can perform no actions; not even parry or activate a trigger spell.

Adepts & advancing in level.

Simple one, this. Adepts only require half the usual number of skill and magic ticks to advance in level.

Incompatibility tables.

5 shouldn't be next to any of the move options. 4 shouldn't be next to any of the leap options.

Kurt & Olania's combat explained - the incorrect timing.

It's pretty insignificant, but in the example combat there is a mistake. Olania's first swing occurs at 30, not at 31.

Penetrating bone.

Not so much a mistake as something left unclarified. On the base penetration table (TABLE 0), it should say 'bone/weapon halft' for type 6. Remember to modify for joints and skull.

Casting times of monsters' spell like abilities.

Well, there's no strict system for this. Use your common sense, and bear game balance in mind. Most spell like effects can be used every four seconds (the minimum casting time of a short magic). More powerful monsters such as demons can perform their minor powers as word magics. Note that only one such ability can be activated at any one time, though more than one can be in effect.

Orc weapon bonuses.

It states in character generation that orcs gain +20% to their chosen weapon. Orcs with warrior or cheiftan social class also gain +20% to weapon. It should have been pointed out that these bonuses cannot be put into the same weapon.

Shock & 0 Hit Point effects.

On the 'Damage & 0 Hit Point Effects' table where +damage on combat speed is indicated, it should say +shock damage on combat speed. This delaying effect is modified by the creature's shock class. This rule is seriously optional, as while it makes combat very realistic, it also makes it very lethal!