Campaign Ideas

There are many existing roleplaying games which are based in modern times which can easily be converted to DANDANON. Alternatively, why not try something different. Reality is as full of roleplaying potential as fiction. How about roleplaying a group of undercover policemen trying to put the big crime boss behind bars? Alternatively, what about playing on the other side of the law, in the dangerous world of the gangster. You could be mercenaries fighting in foreign lands on missions no government would santion, or soldiers in any of this centuries conflicts. You could be a detective agency, getting involved in the sinister plots and intrigue when following up on a simple missing persons case... The possibilities are endless.

An easy way of inspiring these sorts of ideas is with fiction. There are stacks of novels and films which are begging to be played as roleplaying scenarios, so why not give it a go.

If you are still uninspired, you can always "spice up" your plots with elements of the supernatural. Just think what a magician with a few of the spells in the DANDANON book would be able to do in a modern society! Are creatures of myth and legend still out there, merely hidding from the sight of mortal society? Do we merely ignore those events which do not fit in with our own concept of reality? These sorts of ideas could easily form the basis of a campaign, perhaps in an X-files style horror / investigation game, or in a "Predator" style bug-blast.

When planning a modern campaign, an important factor which must be taken into account is the lethal nature of Guns. If there is no or little magic in the campaign, players may encounter problems with being shot. DANDANON endeavours to be realistic. In real life, people die from being shot. Game Masters should consider how they intend to cope with this. Guns can really add to the tension of the game, if it means that the players are terrified of an enemy. However, guns could potentially spoil a campaign if not handled well by the GM, resulting in players getting slaughtered by every opponent they meet. And if they survive, they may be stuck in hospital for months. If there is no magic (or super-science) to keep PCs in one piece, then the scenarios they play will have to be structured so as to avoid too many gunfights. Think before you shoot!!!