As with all Role Playing Games the first step toward playing is creating your character. Before you start have a glance at the character sheet at the back of this book, it should give you some idea of what's in store for you. First choose your characters name, there, that was the easy part. Next find out your characters handedness; roll a twenty sided and a four sided (D20 and D4) dice. If the number rolled on the D20 is highest you are right handed, if it`s on the D4 you are left handed and if they are both the same you are lucky enough to be ambidextrous. All RPG characters have a set of figures called their PRIMARY STATISTICS, these are the very building blocks of the character. Dandanon's Prime Statistics are what we discuss next.
The primary statistics for a character are: physical strength (PSTR), manual dexterity (MDEX), agility (AGIL), health (HLTH), mental strength (MSTR), intelligence (INTL), memory (MEMR), physical beauty (PBUT) and size (SIZE).

This is measure of a characters muscle power. A character with a high strength will be able to lift heavy objects and carry a heavy load without being encumbered. A strong character can inflict more damage on his foes.

Sleight and steadiness of hand, quickness of wrists and hand/eye coordination are all covered by manual dexterity. The ability to hit an opponent in combat is also affected by this statistic.

Speed, flexibility and balance are affected by agility. Agile characters make good athletes and acrobats.

Stamina, endurance and resistance to the elements. A healthy character will be able to continue when all around are exhausted.

This is a measure of a characters force of will. It is often used to resist the effects of mind influencing magic's and the fear and charming effects of some monsters.

Reasoning and learning ability. It's a measure of a characters understanding and ability to absorb information from the surroundings and come to the correct conclusion.

Memory is the retentive capacity of the mind. It reflects how much a character can recall of past experiences and how quickly a text or spell can be memorised.

A measure of a characters appearance towards members of their own race. If a character is non-human then this stat is modified to reflect the characters appearance from a human point of view. Some beings inspire fear in those that see them because they have a negative physical beauty.

Not a measure of actual height, but a measure of overall bulk, though height and bulk are related to some extent.

To create your character you roll a ten sided dice (d10) twice and add the numbers together. Make of note of this number and repeat the process until you have nine numbers. As an optional rule you can roll 3d10 and pick two of them - add the chosen two together and note them down as before. Now allocate the numbers to the nine primary statistics as you see fit, write them in the ROLL column on your character sheet.
Note that PSTR can never exceed SIZE+10 or HLTH+5 and AGIL can't be greater than 30-SIZE or MDEX+10. This restriction is to be applied before racial or other adjustments and does not apply to the monster races found in the Bestiary section of these rules.
Throughout the rules several example characters will be used, with their finished character sheets included at the back of this book so that they may be referred to for guidance where necessary: In this section we will use Olania and Thimillianus (Tim for short).
Tim rolls the following numbers: 20, 14, 17, 9, 10, 15, 16, 18, 16
Tim's going to be an intellectual with his high memory (18), intelligence (20) and mental strength (17). With his high physical beauty (16) he's rather handsome and his agility (16) makes him swift on his feet. Tim's not the sort of guy to fall victim to colds and sneezes thanks to his health (15), but he's a little clumsy at times due to manual dexterity (10). He makes up for it in the muscle stakes though with a physical strength of 14. They say that size (9) is not important and Tim is sure to agree with you there.
Olania rolls: 9, 13, 20, 18, 8, 13, 17, 12, 17
Although Olania has a good memory (20) and is very intelligent (17) her mental strength is only slightly above average (13). She is however very dextrous (18) and beautiful (17). Unfortunately she suffers somewhat from her health (8) and looks Tim straight in the eye because of her small size (9). She'd give Tim a struggle if they ever arm wrestled thanks to her physical strength (13), but her agility (12) makes her only about as agile as an average person.

From time to time characters are required to roll against a statistic to resist poison, magical effects etc. Rolls are made on a d100. A multiplier is provided by the GM according to the particular situation.
eg Olania wishes to enter a cave that is blocked by a boulder. The GM decides that a PSTR*3 roll is required to push it out of the way. Olania has a 39% (13*3=39) of moving the boulder. She rolls 46 and fails. She either needs some help or a lever to increase the chance.

In the course of a characters career statistics may decrease through accidents etc, but there is also a chance that they will increase. A check for an increase occurs when a character has to make a STAT*1 roll. If the roll is successful the chance to i~crease is determined by subtracting the current value of the statistic from 20 and rolling it as a percentage. If the roll is successful the statistic increases by 1, failure means no change.
Eg Tim sits on the throne of king Stegros and the guardian demon bound within it attempts to possess him. He if forced to make an MSTR*1 roll to avoid the possession. Fortunately for his companions he rolls 17 on d100 which is just what she needs to resist the possession.
His MSTR is 17 and the chance to increase is 3% (20-17=3). He rolls 47 and so does not increase.

Dandanon campaigns can be set in a wide variety of settings, and in most of these fantasy worlds humans will not be only sentient race. The following section provides some example races for use in fantasy environments. This particular set being based upon a combination of mythology and traditional fantasy. They should provide a good foundation for any campaign, but the GM should feel free to create any other races that spring forth from the imagination. Shown below are the modifications to the basic statistics rolled in the above section of rules, these modifications should be written in the race column in the prime stat section of the character sheet. Also shown below are the bonuses to skills that a character gains from race, note these next to the skill appropriate, in the skill box on the character sheet (the big box at the bottom).


Note that no statistic may fall below 1. due to a racial modification.
There is no upper limit to a statistic however, they may exceed 20.

Elves are the slender folk of legend. They are gifted with great longevity and are inclined towards the magical arts. They are rare in comparison to other races and live in quiet communities. They rarely contact other races and only usually do so in trading. Elfin artifacts are renowned for their beauty.
They have a greater affinity with nature than man (+10 to WOODWISE and CREATUREWISE), therefore their magic tends towards elementalism. All elves have superior eyesight and hearing to humans. This gives them a +15 bonus to SPOT HIDDEN and LISTEN. Their light frame makes them good RUNners (+10) and enables them to tread very lightly (SNEAK +20). Singing and dancing are favoured pastimes of the elves and this give them a bonus of +15 to both.

These beautiful creatures have the appearance of being the archetypal noble elf from mythology. They are slightly smaller than humans and have exceptionally light frames, with long delicate limbs and facial features. The average High Elf male will only weigh about: 55 kilos. Hair is usually thick and healthy, with a fair or blond pigment. Faces are slim and long, with pale eyes ranging from blue to green with dense eyelashes. High Elves are considered the most beautiful of the more common elves.
Due to their superior intelligence amongst the elfin races High Elves are considered to be great collectors of knowledge and are often treated as venerated seers. As they are great loremasters this gives them +15 to MYTHOLOGY.
Typical Life Span= 1500 Years.
High Elves are the purest of Elfin stock and have the most contact with humanity. They have an aloof manner, sometimes even when talking with other types of elves. Most dwell in reclusive agricultural communities, travelling into local towns to sell wares such as fine leathers. Old and wise High Elves often find their way into local guilds and government to share their teachings and continue learning, so that the legacy they pass on will be greater than the knowledge they were given. The education of magic is also important to them, but elves with inferior intellects won't be 'troubled' with things above their capacity. There is a great pretention and strong sense of pride amongst a lot of these elves, and youngsters (18 - 30 yrs) who desert the tribe for finer pastures may find difficulty returning.

These are, understandably, elves of the forest, they are nimble creatures often with a frivolous and mischievous air about them. They are typically elfin in that they have light frames, yet as they are on average 20cms shorter than a High Elf they seem a little more compact. Small heart-shaped faces are most common with slender dark eyes, usually brown, black and deep blue. Their hair is always dark in colouring with the darkest blacks often having a blue, almost oriental tinge to it.
In their natural environment the hair is kept out of the way by being cut crudely short or by pinning the hair above their longer slim pointed ears.
Wood Elves don't tend to nurture their young as long as other elfin races and prefer to teach them how to look after themselves early on in life. This is reflected in their respect and understanding for their habitat : +10% to WOODWISE
Typical Life Span= 1000 Years.
Wood elves are very rustic creatures uninhibited by the institution of town society. They are quite easy going and friendly, yet keep an underlying sense of reserve, especially where concerning the welfare of their woodland homes. Communities are small and are often compact tree villages well hidden from the unlikely event of a passer-by. Although the Wood Elf is far from being the most reclusive of the races it doesn't have much contact with towns and cites. They tend to have envoys who establish a strong rapport with a certain community, or have contacts within an area who can be trusted to trade and gather outside supplies for them. Other than this, the elves who stay in the forests live a simple hunter and forager existence. Magic can be very important to these people, and the doctrines of Druidic Theomancy or Elementalism are most common. When outside their homes they are great storytellers and often get waylaid toward the scent of intrigue and adventure.

Hill Elves are by far the smallest of all the elfin races. Their appearance can be considered akin to the look of a large fairy, and this simile wouldn't be far wrong as they are the most closely related to fairy folk. The Hill Elven build is very similar to a wood elf but with even lighter frames, the women being much more waif-like. Their skin is naturally pale and milky with a high sensitivity to sunlight and a tendency to burn. Hair is silver, grey or white blond, and is more than often fine and straight. Their facial features are small except for their eyes. Due to the underground habitat of the Hill Elf the eyes are large and more rounded, like a humans, and the colouring ranges from amber to a strong orange-red with long eyelashes.
Hill Elven communities are usually found underground, this is by no means a coincidence as most dwellings show signs of being excavated for the soul purpose of a living environment, giving them a bonus of +20 to ROCKWISE. They can also see 20M in total darkness.
Typical Life Span= 1200 Years.
They are the most secretive and reclusive of the elves, spending most of their time in underground cities. This was originally by convenience rather than design, as their quest for privacy took them as far away from normal civilisation as they could feasibly go. As aeons past, their appearance changed and adapted to their new environment. Their skin paled through continued lack of exposure to sunlight, and their eyes widened to accommodate the low light levels. Unfortunately this drastic change of habitat encroached upon the original underground dwellers and provided the Hill Elves with a sworn and dangerous enemy, the Dockalfar elves. Being underground dwellers too they felt invaded by these newcomers and thought that it might pertain the development of the underground by more prolific species, such as humans. This danger, though unfounded, put great pressure on the Hill Elves, and they slowly became more and more hidden until they were almost a legend. Few people, even today, have seen these grand cities and the sight of a Hill elf is rare. They are a greatly passive race often to the extent of pure vegetarianism and usually find it difficult to cope with direct confrontations. Most Hill Elven PCs, although mildly adapted to civilisation, will probably still come across as being fairly quiet, shy and nervous of strangers.

These are by far the most unusual of all the elven races. Their build is almost humanoid at first sight, in that the woman are curvaceous and the men, quite broad. Yet they are still very small, on average about the same height as a Wood elf. Women have very dark blue-black skin, where the mens is slightly lighter, often grey, and all Dockalfar skin has a velvety quality about it, this is because of the fine translucent silky hair that covers all of their bodies. Female head hair is full bodied and can be in a variety of light shades, predominantly white, grey, silver and white blond, yet it all has a metallic sheen to it. Mens hair is similar, but tends to have a matt texture. Facial features are lean but lips are full and eyes are large and rounded with an indigo or violet coloration.
Dockalfar are true underground dwellers, they are known to excavate great underground complexes, some said to cover many square kilometres and reach far into the depths, under mountainous areas. This gives them a +20% to ROCKWISE and allows them to see up to 40m in total darkness. Due to the fundamental differences in culture that the Dockalfar have compared to other species of elf, they do not benefit from the +10 to WOODWISE. Yet the nature of their own lifestyle gives them the benefit of a +10 to ORATORY.
Typical lifespan= 1000 years.
The Dockalfar live in a very closed society, and the only knowledge of their lifesytle is from outcasts and traitors. They have practically no contact with the outside world, living by their own rules and ignoring ours as farcical and outdated. They belong to the 'Unsilie Court' through an ancient tribal bonding between the Dockalfar and the dark-side of the Realm of Fairy. Theomancy and Evocation are central to their society, with law and order being kept with a mixture of fear and twisted truths. Sadly for those who are born with a low physical beauty (PBUT) the Dockalfar elves are all too proud of their superior looks. They often punish those who don't come up to standard by hiding them away, forcing them to do menial excavation work, or even worse, scarring and mutilating them, then throwing them out of their society as a talisman of fear to the outside world. Due to the estranged nature of the Dockalfar elves any PC's will always be outcasts and consequently, traitors. This does not necessarily mean that they have been scared and cast out, as the possibility of escape is relatively high. GM NOTE: Always keep in mind that, because of their closed culture, a Dockalfar will be the rarest of all the character races.

The troll folk include Goblins, Hobgoblins and Dwarfs. They are all short, squat and muscular in appearance. Many favour the wearing of beards, in the case of dwarfs even the women.

Goblins are strange hunched little creatures. Their skin takes a variety of earthen pigments ranging around the dull greens and yellowy browns, this often gives the impression of Goblins being mouldy or slightly unwell. They are quite long limbed with their knuckles almost reaching the ground when fully hunched over, and they are slimmer than the other Troll races. This difference of build causes the Goblin to have highly vascular yet gaunt appearance, despite their greater strength. Goblin facial features are highly repulsive to the more human and elven races. They have a particularly shallow forehead and large round eyes, which are pale yellow and bloodshot and sit slightly to the sides of their small skulls. The bottom half of the skull protrudes, exaggerating the already forward stooping head. They also lack hair on their bodies apart from the odd rough unhealthy tuft on their elbows or on their long straggly ears.
Being underground dwellers they gain +20 in ROCKWISE and their stealthy nature gives them a bonus of +15 to both SNEAK and HIDE. Due to the Goblin being a basically primaeval creature they have an acute sense of smell and therefore gain a bonus of +30 to that skill.
Typical Life Span= 120 Years
Goblins are the most degenerate of this group. They live in small tribal communities and are prone to warring with others at the slightest provocation. Being of limited intelligence the Goblins often become used as cannon fodder by other more powerful creatures. They will also seek out Trolls, Ogres or other such beings so that they're tribe may flourish under this veil of security. Although, as they often realise, they are being exploited, Goblins believe they will gain great wealth and prestige by joining in the ranks of a Troll's tribe. With this in mind Goblin warriors, including women, fight relentlessly for this goal. Female Goblins are seen as having two functions within the community; Reproduction and Defence. They can quite easily be as strong as the males, and can often be even less merciful !, especially when their children are threatened.

Contrary to popular belief HOBGOBLINS are not meaner, bigger Goblins, but a race of more friendly and open wood trolls. Compared to an average Goblin a Hobgoblin has a much stockier build, and is consequently a touch shorter. This square stature is beneficial to their agile nature as it affords them better balance. Their facial features are craggy, with deepset eyes and prominent noses. They tend to have an abundance of body, and particularly, facial hair, this is normally dark in coloration, thick and curly with a healthy sheen. The skin is dark and olive with a strangely soft texture, which seems unusual for such rough looking creatures. This exceptional standard of cleanliness is kept by the Hobgoblins covering themselves with mud, and then letting it dry in the sun. When it is dry it can be brushed off along with all the mites and impurities.
They trade freely with humans and the more superstitious landowners consider their presence to be lucky. They are skilful with herbs which substantiates this belief giving them a bonus of +25 to both WOODWISE and APOTHECARY. They're extremely nimble on their feet, gaining +10 to both JUMP and TUMBLE. SNEAK, HIDE and HUNT also receive a bonus of +5.
Typical Life Span= 250 Years.
They invariably live in forests, in small underground dwellings known as hob-holes. These excavations can come in all shapes and sizes but it is most common for them to be dug into and under the roots of ancient trees. They are simple in that they consist of only a few passages and rooms, but the ingenious way in which the tunnels put no strain on the stability of the tree, and yet are intertwined with the very foundations of it. Hob- hole construction is a secret the Hobgoblins aren't likely to divulge.
They come across as being proud creatures who actively promote their rural heritage. Consequently Hobgoblins have no great passion for society, or for the trappings that large towns, or cities bring. Because of this they are seen as being essentially hermits, who live quietly within small agricultural communities or out in the deepest forests. They are great cultivators of their environment, and will nurture the land and help the growth of naturally occurring edible crops, such as wild sweet potatoes and all manner of fungus.
Hobgoblins do relish their occasional contact with towns through trading, but, as it is in their nature, they will normally travel back to their quiet homes after their 'fix' of the hectic town life.

These are probably the best known of all the Troll races, as we have become familiar with these demi-humans through early fairy tales and then through the realm of fantasy. Compared to the Trolls already described in this section the 'Mountain Troll', as they are occasionally called, is the largest. This extra bulk is caused by the Dwarf being the strongest of this family, and therefore the extra muscle power makes them seem a little taller than the Hobgoblin, but alot broader. Due to their superior strength and the physical work that the Dwarves normally do, they are an incredibly healthy race, which is why they are often greatly revered as mighty warriors.
Visually the Dwarf is very similar to the Hob-goblin. The only difference besides stature is that the Dwarf has much paler, rough looking skin. Their facial hair is much converted, with beards and braids being carefully tended, by the men and the women. Aged Dwarfs of high renown can be identified by the nature of the accoutrements sewn and woven into their lengthy beards and moustaches.
Due to their natural habitat Dwarfs gain +30 to ROCKWISE, and as they are great craftsmen they benefit from a +20 bonus to any PROFessional skill chosen. They are a stern, but friendly race, and are renowned for their trading abilities. This gives them +15 to ORATORY and BARGAIN. However, their natural greed often leads into GAMBLING, giving them +20 to this skill. They are adept with mechanical devices which gives a bonus of +15 to MECHANICAL.
Typical Life Span= 275 Years.
The Dwarven culture is one of the most sociable. They relish the contact with other societies and the trading opportunities this will naturally bring. They, as their stature suggests, are a very physical group and their trade always takes the form of something hand-made and highly crafted. This normally uses skills such as Stonemasonry and/or Blacksmithing, with all the variables such skills can bring. They are very proud of their skills which often breeds a boastful and pretentious nature, but more often than not they are quiet happy to share their gifts with those who have the means to buy, thus making this the single most important thing that supports their economy.
Dwarves live in mountainous areas and use their mining skills to excavate the cities in which they dwell. This is always close to the raw materials they mine to keep their trade going, but despite this well positioned habitat it causes them one very unavoidable setback: Living in such remote areas they are more prone to being cut off by extremes of nature, thus inducing a natural urge to horde. This habit has been interpreted over the years as greed, and has stained the character of the Dwarves as being untrustworthy, deceitful misers. This can be true, as with other races, but it is more apparent in Dwarves. Despite this trait in their personalities they are an unprejudiced and friendly people with a much more open regard to their women-folk, as the ladies of their communities are valued as workers and craftspeople as much as the men.


Half Elves are the result of a union between an elf and a human. Their physical characteristics will vary depending on the type of elf which mates with the human. As a 'rule of thumb' Half Elves will seem broader than normal elves and will also tend to be stronger. Despite this, the actual form of character will be left up to the discretion of the GM. Remember that you can really use your imaginations with this race, and make them seem quite extraordinary.
They are extremely rare and gain the racial bonuses of both parents, though only at half the value for a pure member of the race. If the child was brought up in a totally elven, or completely human environment they will inherit the skills of just that society.
GM NOTE: The player must choose a specific strain of elf from which to descend, remembering that High Elf and Wood Elf unions will be far more common than the others, with Dockalfar unions being practically unheard of.
Typical Life Span= 750 Years.
The life of a Half Elf is not an easy one, they often find that they don't fit into either of their natural societies, and therefore end up living a life in limbo or complete solitude. It is also far more common for Half Elves to come from broken homes because of the pressures that cross-racial unions can bring. If there was a break in the relationship, or if there was no relationship in the first place, then the offspring would usually get taken back into Elven society, and brought up as if they had no human roots at all. This causes them to try harder than usual to fit in, and therefore they will inherit the cultural characteristics of their host family.

Halflings appear to be pint-sized humans with pointy ears. Their average height is around 3ft 7" to 3ft 11" making them the smallest of all the character races. Their bodies seem to be very similar to a human's, proportionally, but despite this they do tend to be a little more rotund than is expected. Due to this similarity in build, the Halfling is about half as strong as an average human specimen, making them the weakest of the races as well. To counter this lack of physical prowess they are incredibly nimble creatures. Their long delicate fingers make them the most manually dextrous of the races even though this seems to make their hands look large and uncomely. They are also very agile and highly resilient to illness and fatigue.
Halfling faces are just like those of the humans but more petite with tiny little noses and large child-like eyes. As with their hair, the eyes can be any normal humanoid pigment, but due to their quiet communities, each tribe tends to follow the same coloration. As mentioned before they have pointed ears, this isn't like the feathery delicacy of Elves ears, they look quite normal but with a tough extension of no more than 1", and they are tilted backward slightly.
Halflings have a similar social structure to humans but on a smaller scale which gives them a bonus to TOWNWISE of +15. They distain heights and tend to live underground which gives them a bonus of +5 in ROCKWISE.
Halflings are renowned for being light of foot and finger, they gain +15 to each of SNEAK, HIDE and PICK POCKET. They're also fond of singing which gives them +10 to that skill and like nothing better than to listen to a good song or story, LISTEN +10.
Typical Life Span= 100 Years.
All Halflings come from agricultural communities, normally fairly close to a human settlement of some kind. They have close bonded family groups, and all relationships are life-long and monogamous. They are very social creatures and enjoy meeting and experiencing new people. Unfortunately for them there are those who would choose to oppress and exploit these passive friendly folks, but rather than becoming bitter and reclusive the Halflings tend to just take it in their stride.

Humans are the main stock of most worlds, usually living in towns and villages, TOWNWISE +20. They're good traders which gives them +15 to BARGAIN and ORATORY. They usually take some pride in their chosen PROFession which gives them +10 to that skill.
Typical Life Span= 75 Years.
Humans are a very prolific species and over the years have found their way into most forms of society. They are versatile and find it as easy to live in any environment, therefore you are as likely to find them living as a hunter-forager as you are to find them living it up in the city. Their cultures are wide and varied, from tribal untouched uneducated barbarians through to cultured dilettantes, who live only for art, music and frivolity.
Skill, knowledge, ability and magic are all respected in Human society, and the doctrines of all are mostly available to anybody with a willingness to learn and the physical/mental capabilities. Of all the forms of magic, Evocation is probably the hardest to learn in this community, it is seen as a thing of the woods and there is alot of superstition surrounding, Elves, woodland, Elementals and the powers that they wield. Because Humans are very much in the majority, and other cultures in the minority the superstitions that Humans formulate often have an effect on how those other cultures are treated. This, unfortunately is the tool of the ignorant and uneducated, and prejudice towards other humanoid races is common-place.

Orks are similar in appearance to large Goblins, with the protruding lower jaw, large eyes, stooped posture, long gangly arms and strange skin coloration, but their build is quite different. They are larger than humans and their build is much stronger/broader, and with the decreased agility they seem fairly clumsy. Their looks are much more sever than the Goblins, with large tusks extending from their lower jaw and curling up towards their cheek bones, and foul warty skin. Personal hygiene isn't a priority with these creatures and they often suffer from nasty skin diseases, despite their enormous health.
They favour underground dwellings which gives them a +20 to ROCKWISE and they can see 40M in total darkness. Their warlike nature gives them +20 with their chosen weapon. Items crafted by orks may look ugly, but they are efficient, and the Orks receive a +15 to any PROFessional skill that they choose. Their keen sense of SMELL (+20) makes them good HUNTERS and TRACKERS, with both skills receiving a bonus of +15.
Typical Life Span= 70 Years.
They are uncouth and vicious creatures which is the main reason why they are so feared within human society. They rarely do things by cunning and thought as it is so much easier to use their brawn than their brains. This makes them look more unpredictable than they actually are and is the reason why most humanoid communities avoid contact with ork tribes completely. Orks live in a polygamous society reproducing to strengthen their numbers for times of war, which is a regular occurrence.
Magic in Orkan society is quite an unusual affair. They regard the study of anything other than war and weapon prowess as weakness and a soft will, but 'Battle Shamen', their priests, are the most important members of a tribe. They worship the more violent of the Gods of destruction and will follow the writings of that religion as absolute law, any deviation results in the traitor 'giving' him or herself back to the deity in question. When a Battle Shamen is killed or dies without a pupil to continue on for them, a whole tribe can tear itself apart through lack of direction and religious discipline.
GM NOTE: Remember that an Orkan PC is an outcast of sorts, and therefore doesn't have to follow this cultural attitude to the very letter, this is a trait of a lot of city dwelling Orks.

These are definitely the most unusual of all the character races. Although as a race they have certain similarities the differences between tribes can be huge, especially those who have been cut off from other beast folk and have consequently been in-breeding.
Beast folk are normally the same height as humans, excluding horns/tusks ect, but with their greater strength they look stockier. Although their muscle power does not equal that of the Ork, their superior agility makes them just as formidable in combat, this agility also gives them a more sinewy appearance. Beastfolk have a layer of dense fur covering all of their bodies which can range in density and pigment depending on the environment within which they live. A tribe that dwells in the frozen wastes will probably have mottled white thick long fur, and a tribe from a more temperate forested climate will be mottled in browns, with a shorter more seasonal coat.
Their heads are their strangest feature. They do not sport the heads of any of the normal humanoids, they have the facial characteristics of Bulls, Goats and Antelopes. These various combinations of long muzzles, differing horns, teeth and ears make each tribe that bit more distinctive. They can also have paws, hooves, clawed hands, short or long tails and backward bending or normal legs.
Due to their natural woodland habitat they gain +15 to WOODWISE AND +15 to CREATUREWISE. Because of their animal characteristics they have a +20 to SMELL, +15 to RUN and +15 to HUNT. The dense hair on their head, neck and backs gives them armour in the form of protective hide, with no penetration:
0 2111 20

Typical Life Span= 140 Years.
The Beastfolk exist in quiet closed tribal communities and live a very ritualistic lifestyle. They distance themselves from the main populous and prefer to be left unmolested, as their appearance brings with it fear and superstition. They are generally monogamous with some notable exceptions the Tribal Elders often have plural marriages, and it is customary for the Tribal Shamen to keep concubines. Beast folk choose their partner by assessing how healthy they are, and considering how strong and healthy their offspring would be. If the children are not going to be of good stock then they will not mate, uncharacteristically weak Beastfolk will not be allowed to reproduce. If a female is alone when she should be having offspring, a tribal hero is called upon, whether he is committed or not, to mate with her as it is important that the tribe flourishes.
There is a strong sense of survival in the way that these people live, although they have intelligence and reason they have not lost the basic primal ways of living. They live solely by the laws of the wilderness and do everything in seasonal cycles, and thus this is the religion that they follow. A Beastfolk Shamen is always a former tribal hero and is often of great intellect, he or she worships the earth in a direct Pagan way or through Elementalism, and can be looked upon as the purest form of Druid. They often consider the way that other humanoids treat their environment to be an insult to the great earth mother and will act directly and forcibly against them.

If you have chosen a non-human race make a note of any statistic modifications in the RACE column on your character sheet. Add them to the relevant statistic and write the result in the PRES column. Human characters need only copy their statistics from the ROLL column into the PRES column.
Tim chooses to be a Hill Elf which means that he has some racial modifications to his statistics. His physical strength is reduced by two and his health by one. Size receives the greatest reduction however and falls by three. Agility, intelligence and physical beauty all increase by one point and his memory is boosted by two. Tim's characteristics are now as follows:
Olania however chooses to be human and so her statistics remain unchanged.
Now that the characters Main stats have been rolled and adjusted for race it is possible to fill in many of the blank spaces on the character sheet, as, from here on in the main ability scores remain unchanged.

The purpose of finding a characters social class is three-fold. Firstly it provides the character with a background upon which to build ; Secondly it provides the GM with some idea of the characters starting resources, wealth and property. Lastly it enables the GM to discover the type of PROFessional skill the character may posses and to award some small bonuses to existing skills and perhaps give some extra "hobby" type skills to colour the characters background still further. A table showing example skill modifications by social class is provided below, but the GM should bare in mind that no hard and fast rules can be given to define what benefits or penalties should come with a particular social class, as these factors are entirely dependant on the world in which your character lives and therefore entirely at the GMs discretion. Note that the class tables provided below are there to be expanded upon in any way the GM feels will best suit his campaign.

106-30Rural Plebian (Farm Labourer)
231-50Urban Plebian (Town Plebian)
351-65Small Landowner (Farmer)
466-80Artisan (Craftsman)
581-90Poor Merchant (Shop Owner)
690-95Rich Merchant (Large Scale Trader)
796-97Lower Aristocracy ((Feudal) Lord)
898-99Higher Aristocracy (Distant Royal Relation)
900Royal Aristocracy (Close Royal Relation)

600Royal Aristocracy

BeggarTownwize+30 Pick Pocket+10 Bargain+101-20Sp
OutcastDisguise+20 Sneak+20 Hide+101-20Gp
HermitHunt+25 Track+20 Apothecary+51-12Gp
Rural PlebWoodwize+20 Creaturewize+15 Hunt+1510-40Gp
Urban PlebTownwize+20 Bargain+15 Gen Know+1510-40Gp
FarmerWoodwize+20 Creaturewize+10 Bargain+2020-100Gp+10
ArtisanProf+20 Bargain+10 Mechanical+2050-150Gp+10
WarriorWeapon+20 Grapple+20 Treat Wound+1010-60Gp
Poor MerchOratory+20 Bargain+20 Townwize+1050-150Gp+20
Rich MerchOratory+10 Bargain+20 Valuer+20100-400Gp+40
LeaderOratory+30 Gen Know+10 Track+1050-150Gp+20
ChieftanOratory+15 Weapon+20 Hunt+20100-300Gp+10
Low AristoEttiquett+20 Hearldry+30 Weapon+15150-500Gp+20
High AristoEttiquett+40 Heraldry+20 Oratory+15250-750Gp+40
RoyaltyEttiquett+20 Heraldry+20 Ride+50500-1000Gp+60

* Starting money should be used to equip a character before beginning adventuring.
** Read/Write skill may vary greatly according to the campaign setting.
Now that stats,race and background are sorted it's time to add up all your characters skill bonuses and note them down before beginning work on the skills themselves.