Most of the people reading these rules will probably have had some experience of role playing before, but for those who have not, some explanation of the term seems in order.
Imagine writing a book, but instead of being the sole author you have been given the task of creating and writing the actions of the main character, while a friend has the task of creating the world, and inhabitants of that world, in which your characters adventures take place. Your friend sets the first scene and into this steps your character, sword in hand , ready to face any challenge the imagined world throws up against him.
As your book progresses your main character ,complete with his own personality and appearance, encounters the many dangerous and unexpected situations as well as interesting and mysterious personalities that your friend has conjured into his world.
The plot of the book unwinds as a form of interactive improvised play between you and your friend; this play is roleplaying.
The function of a roleplaying game is to provide a set of rules for creating and playing the role of characters like the one in our imagined novel, and equally, to govern the world in which these characters are placed.
Using these rules, pencil, paper and dice the GAME MASTER (or GM for short) creates the world and its inhabitants, into which the Players place characters, created using the same rules, to adventure in just the same way as our imagined authors.

The first thing you need to do is read these rules thoroughly and carefully, and , once you've done this, you would probably be best advised to do it again.
Dandanon has a large and comprehensive set of rules and , while even the most experienced player is not required to remember most of the fine details, a basic overview is essential before you can start playing.
The Dandanon rules have been written in such a way that someone new to the game can read through from the simplest building blocks of the game to its most complex features, creating their character as they go, and learning new facets in (relatively) simple steps. However, it is always good practice to have at least one read through the whole book before you start to generate your first character.

Some terms are used throughout these rules, and, just in case you are not familiar with them, a brief definition of their meaning is given below:-
Game Master (or GM)
This is the player who controls the game and has final say over all of the decisions in the game. He/she controls the game world and all of its inhabitants other than the PCs (player characters). The Game Master is the person who creates, runs and judges the adventures for the other players. (He/she is also the person who never makes the tea!.)

Player Character (or PC)
These are the adventurers created and run by the players. They are the heros of our imaginary novel.

Non-Player Character (or NPC)
These are all the characters and creatures run by the GM with whom the player characters interact in the game world.

A Campaign can be anything from a whole world or a small area of that world in which the characters have their adventures.
A campaign always revolves around a set of player characters and their efforts the attain the goals they (or more often the GM) have set themselves. A GM may run several different campaigns set in the same world, using different areas of that world as the battle ground for each independent set of player characters, or he might use a whole world for one huge, highly comprehensive campaign.

The Dice
Six different types of dice are required to play Dandanon; a four sided (d4) dice ,a six sided (d6) dice, an eight sided (d8) dice, a ten sided (d10) dice, a twelve sided (d12) dice, and a twenty sided (d20) dice.
Throughout the rules the dice are referred to in the abbreviated form shown in brackets above, usually preceded by a number to show how many times the dice needs to be rolled to attain the number range required. E.g. Roll 3d12 means roll a twelve sided dice three times to generate a number between three and 36.

Another dice referred to throughout the rules is a d100 or one hundred sided dice. This effect is achieved by rolling 2d10 (a ten sided dice rolled twice) and counting the first roll as tens and the second as units.

Someone who has read, and owns a copy of, these rules (you), a few players (some friends) , Paper and pencils, at least one set of the dice mentioned above, and some time, are all you need to play Dandanon.
Dandanon is a detailed and comprehensive role-playing system written with the older and more experienced roleplayer in mind. Designed to be highly flexible, easily adaptable to any fantasy milieu, and playable on many different levels of complexity.
Those who wish to play campaigns of high fantasy, where powerful magics ,fantastic beasts and reality warping events are commonplace, will find Dandanon caters extremely well to their needs, as will those who take the more low key 'realistic', simulation of a medieval world with a bit of magic thrown in for good measure , approach.
The rules of dandanon have been deliberately written to provide a high level of sophistication for those who desire it, however, if your gaming group desire a more simple level of play then this can be achieved by simply ignoring those of the more complex rules not suited to your requirements. Remember that you are the final judge and you don't have to use a rule just because it exists.
Containing few or none of the inexplicable arbitrary rules common in many systems, Dandanon disposes completely of rigid concepts like combat rounds and movement turns, in favour of a realistic continual time based system, allowing flexibility hitherto unheard of in roleplaying games.
Because Dandanon is aimed at the experienced gamer, if you are new to roleplaying then many parts of these rules might seem complex or overly detailed, but if you start with just the very basics of the system and add in more complexity as you feel you want it, you will soon find everything slotting easily into place.

Further Rules and Supplements
Many further supplements are planned for the Dandanon roleplaying system, including Horror, Sci-fi, Cyberpunk and Superhero rules expansions, a great many scenarios and the release of the full Dandanon fantasy world, a fraction of which is briefly discussed in these rules.
We are very interested to hear your views and ideas on the system and where it should be heading in the future, so would welcome any correspondence or queries, even if your just writing to complain - how can we improve without fair criticism to tell us where we are going wrong!.