Space Thinger is Out On Steam

The Space Thinger Steam PageThe Space Thinger Steam Page

The PC version of Space Thinger has launched on steam with Mac OSX and Linux versions to follow soon, it's priced at £3.99 or $4.99 so won't beak the bank to get into some hardcore space dogfighting action, Space Thinger has ten zones to hone your skills in and each of those zones has it's own unique mission that will keep you on the edge of your seat while you battle the enemy hordes. Check out the Space Thinger page for a new batch of screenshots.

The Space Thinger Kickstarter Is Live

The Kickstarter PageThe Kickstarter Page

Today (13th May) we launched the Kickstarter for Space Thinger, we're hopeing to raise £6000 to finish a feature complete game by the end of this summer. Check out the Kickstarter page and don't forget to download the demo for a taster of space combat action. The campaign is set to run for one month so please spread the news as far and wide as possible and help us make Space Thinger the game it deserves to be.

The Space Thinger Alpha Demo Is Now Available For Download

With our Kickstarter about to launch it seems prudent to let people play the game they might be supporting, so we have produced the Space Thinger Alpha Demo. Available from the demo is a good taster of whats to come in the full game, the download comes in Windows, Mac OSX and Linux flavours and is of course free. So, to quote one of my favorate films...."come on! do it! do it now!"

Space Thinger On Steam Greenlight

Steam Greenlight PageSteam Greenlight Page

Ahead of our Kickstarter we have started our Greenlight campaign to get Space Thinger released on steam, we'd love it if any of you Steam users out there could lend us your support and vote for us. Also it would be great to hear from you in the discussion thread so any thoughts or ideas you'd like to see in the game just let us know, it would be fantastic to have your input.

Space Thinger In Unity 5

On march the 3rd Unity 5 was released upon the world, it has countless great new features but some of the first to effect Space Thinger are the post processing effects once reserved for the pro version, these can change a good looking game to a great looking game and Space Thinger is no exception. Take a look at the shots below and you'll see how much the game benefits from these extra effects. It's all even more spectacular when you see it in motion so a video will follow shortly!
Check the Space Thinger page for more screen shots and info.

Piercing PanicSun shines through

Post processing in action! In this shot you can see a blue sun shining it's light through a giant alien artifact, note how the light shines through the gaps in an effect that can only be described as awesome! The effect is even more pronounced when the game is in motion.

Off The GroundWarping in to a new level

Any bright light can cast rays to the camera so here we see light shafts created by the level warp in particle effect that occurs at the satrt of any level as you transition from hyperspace. This shot comes from the first mission you play in Space Thinger.

Introducing Space Thinger

Space Thinger is an arcade space shooter and our first project using the Unity engine. Fight your way through multiple combat zones mining asteroids for crystals and collecting the debris of your fallen foes in order to purchase weapon and ship upgrades.

Keep an eye one the Space Thinger page for all the latest news and developments with our new game. We're hoping to have Space Thinger available this year for PC with the possibility of current gen consoles (we're a member of ID@Xbox so we'll be looking there first) should the gods allow!

Impocalypse Now!

Piercing PanicExploding Imp. Out Now!

Exploding Imp has hit the xbox live marketplace and is also available on PC, complete with restored manhood, from . After only four days in review Imp appeared at the front of the new releases list at about 2am last night, so you can switch on your xbox or PC and give it a whirl right now!

We'd like to thank everyone who took the time to review our game, it's fantastic to be part of such a great community. App Hub members, Indievania crew, one and all, We salute you! (shots some spiced rum...)

Impocalypse Soon...

Exploding Imp has finished development and playtest and is about to enter peer review. This means that in a few weeks, provided no errors are found by our fellow app hub members, Exploding Imp will be available on the Xbox indie games marketplace. We're sticking to the 80 msp price point so you can make all hell break loose on your xbox for a mere 69p!

To celebrate this milestone we have a triumverate of new screenshots for your consideration as well as a new video showing off gameplay on the level "An Arachnid Affair".

Piercing PanicPiercing Panic

This shot is taken from one of the later levels Piercing Panic, as you might expect it contains quite a lot of piercers but is so packed to the brim with other hazards that getting impaled could be the least of Guff's worries. .

Off The GroundOff The Ground

The aptly named Off The Ground has thornes covering the entire floor of the level. Guff is quite low on gas and those fairies are likely to drain what little he has with their magic wands. He'd best explode his way out of trouble sooner rather than later.

Tricky TravelsTricky Travels

At the start of the Tricky Travels level Guff uses a piercer to take out an exploding pod. Piercers can often be used to Guff's advantage with a little deft hovering and skillful timing they can be just as deadly to Guff's foes as they are to him.

Imp And Then Some!

Well we thought it was about time we updated the website and filled you in on what we have been doing for the past 5 months! Back in March, after having a well-deserved week off, we started on our second project ‘Exploding Imp’. As with Lemmy we have chosen to try and give another platform game a bash, seeing as our home-grown engine is up for that kind of thing. The game follows Guff, a flame red imp who chooses to blow up all that lies in his path, be it gnomes, fawns or spiders.

The Main MenuThe Main Menu

As a taster of what's to come here's a look at Exploding Imp's main menu screen, featuring a fantastic portrait of Guff from our good friend Bob. Check out more of his excellent work here.
It's also the picture that will appear on the game's 'box art'.

We are looking to learn from our past mistakes which we found stemmed from being first time developers for the Indie community. As a for instance, perhaps 3am isn’t the best time to test the game just in case a bug arises and you feel inclined to fix it or maybe remind ourselves to take all advice on board and ignore our over eager voice telling us to just release the game.

For those of you who follow our blog you’ll know vaguely how progress on Imp is going but for those of you who don’t…shame on you! Get on that blog! Only kidding…Dave has been working amazingly hard to better the features, controls, graphics, pretty much everything in fact! I, as always, have been taking charge of the Sound department, getting the music and sound effects up to scratch. Unfortunately I haven’t yet given myself enough time to learn how to program but only time will tell…

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on our progress with Imp now that we have something to tell! Of course there is always time for extra- curricular activities as well as work. Dave and I have seen a few cracking films over the past few months, ‘Avengers Assemble’ and ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ to name but a few. I think to be fair the majority of the population have seen both of those films! It’s difficult to know which one to pick as the better over the other so we’ll save that lengthly debate for another day.

We have also finally managed to get into ‘Dexter’ after many a recommendation however perhaps a little too into it as we now have none left to watch! ‘Sons of Anarchy’ is also finally on our radar. Big Ron Perlman fans so it was going to happen at some point or another. We are growing increasingly bored of ‘True Blood’ so have had to expand our options!

Anyway to finish off, Imp will be out within the next few months and you’ll certainly hear about it from us! In the meantime many a late night will occur and no doubt lots of caffeine swallowed!

Lemmy Is Finished

Wytchlight are pleased to announce that our very first Indie game 'Lemmy Lizard vs the Mecha-Eggs' is finally completed and available for purchase on the XBox Live Marketplace for a mere 80msp! That's the price of a single Pepperami (Not the bulk pack however!). It has been a long and, at times, painstaking process but it has been our ambition since Microsoft offered the opportunity when Community Games was launched so here we are! Being our first game we have learnt a huge number of lessons throughout the 9-10 month process including the valuable lesson that a cup of tea is always the answer and that 5am is definitely too late/early to be working despite any deadline you may have!

There have been disagreements, tough decisions & straight out nightmares but we seem to have come out the other side relatively unscathed...We started out Lemmy Lizard with no artist whatsoever and managed to persevere without one. We initially spent about what felt like two years trying to get an artist but once people realised the extent of the effort involved enthusiasm quickly dissolved! In the end Dave and I, less than amateur artists that we are, had to take on the art work ourselves. Let me tell you going into making a game is hard enough but taking on the art with absolutely no artistic talent is a whole new level of stress!

A lot of what was involved in the process I in particular had to learn as we went along. Anything from level design, sound effects using Flash Kit and music using Acid Pro 7 was entirely new to me , having spent 5 years sat behind a desk in an office job! My redundancy was probably the best thing that happened to the both of us! Dave had spent about 2 years writing the game engine and it was not to be wasted.

We plugged away at Lemmy Lizard religiously at first in order to get part of it ready for Dream Build Play 2011. In the end we entered something resembling part of our game but unfortunately it only had 11 small levels and plenty of gaps in between so we were pretty sure there was no chance of victory. That didn't put us off however and here we are today with 'Lemmy Lizard' out and another game already well into development. Life is officially sweet!

In summary of our 'Lemmy Lizard' rant we want to give a big shout out to the App Hub community, our fellow developers, play-testers and Microsoft for the awesome opportunity. You rock!

Wytchlight Team

Previously on Wytchlight...

Lemmy Nears Completion

Well, it has been a crazy few months but we're happy to announce that 'Lemmy Lizard vs The Mecha-Eggs' is now nearing completion! Give it a few more weeks and we will be polishing, tweaking and testing like never before. We submitted a fraction of the game to the annual Xbox Dream Build Play competition but alas we were not successful this time round. We believe the Grand Prize went to 'Blocks that Matter'.

We do however have some new screenshots of Lemmy Lizard on the website and a couple of Sneak Peek vids have been popped up on YouTube as well, check out the Lemmy section of the site for more details:

Do let us know what you think! We've also just set up an open group on Facebook called Lemmy Lizard vs The Mecha-Eggs. Feel free to have a look there too!

Despite all the work on the game this month we’ve still managed to squeeze in some button-mashing! Gears of War 3 has proven to be a firm favourite, mostly due to the Co-Op mode and immensely fun online Versus mode. Unfortunately being high level does not necessarily mean you can shoot straight or stay alive for more than a couple of minutes at a time!

Dave has been playing a lot of ‘Rage’ on the PC whereas I have become suitably addicted to the Lego games, starting with ‘Lego Harry Potter’. This then led to ‘Lego Pirates of the Caribbean’ and ‘Lego Star Wars'! However Lego has been well and truly placed on the back burner since the release of 'Batman: Arkham City'. I'm only 8% in so far but already it's proving to be even better than the first. Particularly loving all the additional side missions...

We've also managed to catch a few movies: 'The Road' and 'Captain America: First Avenger' spring to mind. If you've had a bad day and feel like watching a film to cheer yourself up stir clear of 'The Road'. The word grim springs to mind! 'Captain America' just made me even more excited about the 2012 Avengers film. Hugo Weaving was particularly brilliant as the baddy. His eyebrows alone were menacing enough!

Anyway we'll let you know when Lemmy Lizard is finished and available for playing!

The Wytchlight Team

Video Review: Stakeland

I won't sugar coat it...Stakeland is definitely a grim film. Set in a post-apocalyptic world where ferocious vampires and Christians alike overrun the land Stakeland offers a highly depressing look at what life would be like if there was no hope left. Granted there are a few fleeting moments where it looks as though happiness may prevail only for something to crap all over it minutes later.

The aforementioned vampires aren't those plucked from Buffy the Vampire Slayer with an element of mystery and a sensitive side (These are vampires for goodness sake!!) neither are they pastey-looking and adopting an almost wet-blanket stance, they are ugly, bloody, wet-your-pants scary! There certainly isn't a moment in the film where you think it could all be resolved with a friendly chat and a warm hug.

A problem with the film, also being a positive, is that you actually get to like the characters. Although they may be mildly cliched you brush that aside knowing that nothing good is going to happen to them. It's interesting to see how the characters come together. A particularly unpleasant start to the film unites the two main characters, a hunter and a teenage boy. What follows is the gradual introduction of other characters and their determination to find 'New Eden', the apparent safe haven that always seems to exist in these films.

Another threat that hunts the survivors are Christians known as 'The Brotherhood' who believe the vampires are some kind of gift from God. On several occasions you wonder which is worse: human or vampire. In all honesty I don't think Stakeland is for everyone. Avoid it if you don't like gore or misery! On the up side there are some decent characters, in particular the odious preacher Jebediah, and although it isn't an original plot they do a great job of keeping the scares fresh and the story engaging.

Wytchlight rating: 4 out of 5


Welcome, one and all, to Wytchlight's very own website! Still a work in progress but thought we should say hi all the same. Throughout the website we'll attempt to entertain you with our thoughts on the latest console & computer games & movies, along with regular updates on what the team are up to. Speaking of the team it has been a particularly hectic couple of months with another corker still to come. Having just registered ourselves for the Dream-Build-Play Xbox Challenge we now have one month to finish & submit our masterpiece that is Lemmy Lizard vs the Mecha Eggs!

Lemmy LizardLemmy Lizard

It's safe to say we were also eagerly anticipating 'LA Noir' out on Friday 20th on the Xbox 360 & Playstation 3. Picked up the 360 version and so far, in the brief amount of time we've had to play it, it has been rather good. Considering the time & effort that has gone in to making the game here's hoping it is less Grand Theft Auto IV and more Red Dead Redemption... though in truth it's so far not that much like either of them. The investigations are fun and it's nice to have a game that requires a little thought, particularly during the interrogations. Another personal favourite on the horizon is the ever cheery Gears of War 3 and judging by the latest trailer Dom is not in a happy place (maybe Marcus had the last of the steroids)!

Feeling in the mood for some questionable 3D Wytchlight took a team-building trip to the local cinema where we watched Thor swing his mighty hammer!Check out our full review for more detail and we'll have our thoughts on the new Pirates movie next week...

Until next time Wytchlight would like to offer a not-so-wise piece of advice: never trust an NPC! Despite reviving them time and time again they're certain to do a shit job of helping you.

Please note the above applies to both role playing games & video games (not that we're bitter).

The Wytchlight Team

Video review: Thor! (the movie)

Sitting through half an hour of ads, waiting for Thor to start, I remained decidedly indifferent. Having not read the comics I didn't know what to expect but had been suitably impressed by the trailer. Now having seen the film I can confirm it is not rubbish! Granted the 3D only does the film justice in places, in particular the panning shots of Asgard & Jotunheim, and yet the film still manages to deliver without.

As ever Anthony Hopkins plays the mighty father figure perfectly & Natalie Portman is suitably cast as the nerdy and beautiful (God forbid!) love interest. Very bold of Branagh to cast a near unknown as the lead in such a highly anticipated movie however you may remember Chris Hemsworth as one of the beautiful people in 'Home & Away' or from his brief stint on the Enterprise in 'Star Trek'! There's no denying it though...he wields that there Mjolnir like no other.

It would be a travesty not to mention the welcome appearances of Stringer Bell & Titus Pullo. Now that's a fight I'd like to see! The Warriors Three did strike me as being a bit daft at times but perhaps that was the point. To be fair they did provide a large portion of the comedy value but apparently Volstagg should have been a lot fatter! Baddy wise the Frost Giants are very cool (sorry!) and the Destroyer looks like Iron Man's pissed off second cousin! Without giving too much away they both get their arses kicked. Not to say Thor doesn't get a pounding though either!

As this movie is very much introducing Thor as a future member of the Avengers you have to forgive the film for its intervals of much talking, less fighting. I get the impression they are saving Thor's best moves for the Avengers film next year. Anyway we all know how much Kenneth Branagh likes his dialogue.

It is safe to say that it is only after his banishment and subsequent arrival on Earth that the movie progresses with the moral of the story and we learn more of Thor and perhaps the reasons for Odin's actions. That's not to say the first 45 minutes of the film, spent largely in Asgard, are not fantastic!

If you are in to your superheroes and you don't mind the 'there's a lesson to be learned here' spiel Thor is definitely one to watch. The 3D probably won't blow your mind and the film is stronger enough on its own but then Avatar is a spectacularly huge act to follow! There's plenty of action, plenty of hammer and some great characters. Makes me want to track down the comics and have a good nose. Roll on The Avengers!

'Whoever wields this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor' (Odin)

Wytchlight rating: 4 out of 5