About Us

May we introduce the Wytchlight team consisting of a grand total of 2 very dedicated members:

First up we have Dave aka Principal Overlord and all round doer-of-everything. His interests include constantly injuring himself when weights training, complaining about the frustrations of programming to an often baffled audience and caring for an aged cat with frankly murderous tendencies. He is the creator of the role playing game 'Dandanon' which is both an awesome achievement and a curse, following him round like an unrelenting guff. Serves him right for being a smart arse!

Secondly, and lastly, we have me (Jen). I do the bits in-between, make the hot drinks and generally offer moral support, a sage if you will. I do however make up the Sound Department for our up-and-coming game and am proud to say I mostly have no idea what I am doing and often have to make a cup of tea to ease my frustrations. How many different pitches of the same beat can one girl take?! My interests include bitching about Epic for constantly delaying Gears of War 3, getting my cool Spiderman picture framed but never actually remembering to do so and appeasing our aforementioned Medusa-like cat.

Well there you have it! Two highly respectable nerds who clearly need to place their cat in therapy and are obviously the type to throw their pads around in the heat of the moment when Lara just won't go the way she's meant to.

Hope you enjoy the site!