Lemmy Is Out and About!

Our first game and passionate undertaking ‘Lemmy Lizard vs The Mecha-Eggs’ was released on 13th March 2012 and we remain to this day immensely proud of ourselves and the final product. It took a lot longer than expected but anything worth doing usually does! There have been a lot of lessons learnt along the way and so much tea consumed that my teeth needed the hygienist’s attention! We’ve had a lot of support during the production and since its release and also numerous kicks in the face, seriously testing how thick our skin is (Note to self: Grow a thicker skin!)

One of the most exciting things about the whole Lemmy experience was seeing it come together over those months. It’s one thing to talk, make notes and plan and a whole other thing to actually have the balls to carry it out. I’ll never forget the look on Dave’s face when our game came up in the Indie games section. A mixture of immense excitement and overwhelming relief…before the realisation that we’ll probably be starting our next game a few days later! And so the process begins again…

I cannot stress enough how valuable the App Hub community were in the entire process. Whenever we had a problem or needed advice the answer would always be on the Hub. Despite being in direct competition with the majority of the contributors to the forums everyone was hugely supportive of our project, giving honesty and massively appreciated help.

Lemmy Lizard will no doubt be released on the PC at some point and maybe even a sequel will emerge one day but for now we are enjoying the work on our second game and cannot wait for you all to see it!

Long live Lemmy Lizard!


With Lemmy lizard now in the final phase of content creation and tweaking it's high time for an update and a bunch of new screen shots. Work has been continuing at a pace and has left little time to keep you all informed of how we are progressing. However we are finally at a point where we can devote a little more time to this site so we're hoping to keep the updates regular from now on.

So, where do I begin.... After a massive effort we finally got a working copy of Lemmy ready for the Dream Build Play competition at 5A.M. on the night before the final submission deadline, i say working copy but the submission was a very early build with almost none of the monsters, items and game play elements included so was more a working engine demo than a game. As with all DBP entries we made a video to go with our submission that can be seen below. Suffice it to say that we didn't win, but managed to garner a fair bit of interest in Lemmy through the competition website so despite the wholly unfinished and unpolished nature of our entry I think it was probably still worth the effort and lack of sleep!

Moving to the present Lemmy is now in a much more complete state, there are still a few bugs that need ironing out and systems that need tweaking but the main focus now is on level creation as all of the gameplay elements are, touch wood, ready to go. With that in mind it seemed that a new video was in order that better represents how the game now looks and plays.

The video mostly consists of footage from the very early levels but we've also thrown in a first look at one of the snowy levels from later in the game as well as one of the cave levels. There are a few items of note featured in the video that the eagle eyed among you may have spotted, perhaps the most obvious being the Egglets, the little jumping egg dudes that Lemmy rescues as he travels through the game, but you might also have spotted liftPads, blink platforms, smashable blocks, moveable platforms, hover mines and hopper mines, just a few of the many items and hazards Lemmy will encounter on his journey. We have also taken a bunch of screen shots from the test code used to create the video so I'll go through each of these to give a better overview of what you're seeing...

Wytchlight LogoThe Wytchlight Logo

First we have the Wytchlight logo, it spins up when you first start the game before you reach the menu screen, you can skip it by pressing the B button but it doesn't hang around for long so you'll probably never need to.

Menu ScreenThe Menu Screen

The menu screen is largely unchanged from the original version you may have seen, though now features the option to load a previous game. Lemmy features checkpoints so you can pause the game at any point, save your last checkpoint and load it from the main menu when you next play. You can also continue from your last checkpoint when you die without the need to make a save, though you'll lose your progress if you don't save before quitting the game entirely.

Level OneLevel One

This next shot is from the very first level of Lemmy Lizard, in the video it's littered with items that won't be there in the final game, we need these for testing purposes but we may leave one or two in for you to play with in the final game. Note the scroll object in the upper right corner, thats a readable, they'll provide hints, tips and clues throughout your adventure. We'll let you see more of them soon.

Freeze the foeFreeze the foe

Next we have a shot from the second level, Lemmy has just blasted the Worker egg with frost spit gained from eating a lovely cold ice lolly, you can see the blue frost particles surrounding the mecha egg if you look closely. Frost causes damage over time but i doubt Lemmy has finished with him yet!

Lemmy to the rescueLemmy to the rescue

Still on the second level, you'll see an egglet mid jump that Lemmy is heading to rescue and a chilli that he seems to have left behind, probably due to a full inventory. Chilli makes Lemmy's spit extra damaging so is very useful indeed.

Fire PitFire Pit

Moving on to the third level you can see another readable and another egglet ready for rescue, Lemmy had better be careful of that firepit as he navigates his way along as falling into it means certain death!

Lift pad actionLift pad action

Next up we see Lemmy using a lift pad to gain some height between platforms, better not overshoot though as that egglet is clearly in need of rescue, perhaps he wants to grab the health restoring leek on the ledge beyond then double back before facing whatever may be lurking below.

Three foes attackThree foes attack

As we move further into the game things become a little more challenging, here you see three different types of mecha eggs out to give Lemmy considerable grief. The Egg worker isn't much of a threat but his hammer equipped friend (if mecha eggs have friends?) is very dangerous up close, he also has the backup of an egg gunner ready to shoot first and ask questions later.

Open the door!Open the door!

At the other end of the level Lemmy finds a door, he had better have a key or it looks like he'll have to fight his way out of this one. The spikes he's running past are safe while he's on the ground but falling on them from above will greatly shorten life expectancy.

Getting colderGetting colder

In the first of our Snow level shots Lemmy is trying to blast that hover mine and make it explode before it gets even closer, frankly he's leaving things a little too late, if he survives the blast he'll most likely be knocked off of the high ledge he's on and be attacked by the hammer egg below, that's assuming it doesn't use the liftpad to get up there anyway. Life as a lizard hero is never easy!

Snowy dangerSnowy danger

Back on the ground it looks like Lemmy somehow got away, the hover mine is still coming and the hammer egg closing for attack, it may be time for Lemmy to delve into his inventory and see if he has anything that can help out.

Spikey troubleSpikey trouble

Moving on to the caves it looks like Lemmy is in a tussle with an egg Charger, these guys are tough, mean and like nothing more them impaling lizards on their mounted spike. Lemmy has clearly used toffee spit to slow the charger down but it wont help much, that wheel makes it a fast mover. Perhaps he should jump on top of that box and shoot from above.


Finally, it looks like Lemmy defeated the charger egg then moved the box along so he could jump from it to the otherwise inaccessible platform above, he had better watch where he's going as, while that hopper mine can't reach him yet, it may give him trouble later.

All of the screen shots in this latest post are from levels that will make it into the final game, though there may yet be changes to their content they will be recognisable places you'll visit when you get to play Lemmy yourself. I hope you've enjoyed this closer, and somewhat more up to date, look at Lemmy Lizard VS The Mecha Eggs, if so stay tuned for more screen shots and videos very soon.

Previously on Wytchlight...
Just to give you guys a bit of a taster, here are a few shots of our new and yet retro indi game 'Lemmy Lizard vs The Mecha-Eggs'. As previously mentioned it's our entry for the 2011 Dream Build Play Challenge. We've been working on it for several months and are now really hard-coring it for submission by the 14th June. Wish us luck!

For those of you unfamiliar with the Dream Build Play Challenge it is a competition set up by Xbox Live in order for amateurs such as Wytchlight to create a homemade game. Judgements are made and the prizes, to us nerds, are delightful! The competition is usually stiff and I imagine most teams consistent of more than 2 people but I guess you've got to be in it to win it, right! We'll let you know how we get on...

Given the quantity of stuff still to do there's still some considerable chance that we won't make the June deadline but keep an eye out for Lemmy Lizard on the Xbox live Indi channel some time this year, in the mean time we'll keep you updated on the trials and tribulations of game development right here on the Wytchlight site.

Menu ScreenThe Menu Screen

We'll start with a few screen shots, the first is of the first thing that will greet you when you start the game, the menu screen. Given the short time before the competition we'll have no chance of implementing MultiPlayer so that option will disappear for the DBP edition but rest assured will probably be back before the game gets released, most of the netcode is already in place and we hope to support local multiplayer as well.

Old test levelAn old test level

Next we have Lemmy running away from some Mecha Eggs on an old level that has survived from the early days of developing the game engine. It's fair to say that none of the levels shown on these pages will make it into the finished product but that the ones in the panel to the right do least use more recent building blocks so are more representative of what you'll see for the competition.

Now for a few shots on the small level that is used for most of the in-game testing at the moment. Our level editior makes new maps relatively quick and easy to produce and packs them down into a nice small size so when the game finally ships you can expect a decent play time for your (hopefully if it'll fit under 50mb) 80MSP.

New test levelA newer test level

Lemmy's adventures will obviously feature more enemy types than the one shown in these shots, but here you can see the Worker-Egg slow, weak and unarmed except for its vicious pincers, this is the most lowly of the Mecha Eggs and more an irritation for Lemmy than a real danger.

Lemmy AttacksLemmy attacks

Lemmy has multiple ways of defending himself including his leaping claws attack for close encounters. However by the time the Eggs are close enough to use this you're probably in serious trouble if your assailant is anything other than a Worker Egg. Having said that double claws cause serious damage!

Lemmy SpitsLemmy Shoots

Spitting is Lemmy's usual form of attack, and depending on what he has eaten recently it can have various effects on the enemy. If you look closely at the last screenshot you'll notice a green blob above the Worker Egg in the branches of the tree, it's Lemmy's spit attack; it's very green, wonder what he's been eating?

Thanks for having a look at the first few screenshots from Lemmy Lizard VS The Mecha Eggs, we'll be keeping this page regularly updated right up until the game's final release on Xbox Live Indi Games so come back here often and feel free to add your comments and suggestions, who knows we might even implement them in the game!