Space Thinger is Out On Steam

The Space Thinger Steam PageThe Space Thinger Steam Page

The PC version of Space Thinger has launched on steam with Mac OSX and Linux versions to follow soon, it's priced at £3.99 or $4.99 so won't beak the bank to get into some hardcore space dogfighting action, Space Thinger has ten zones to hone your skills in and each of those zones has it's own unique mission that will keep you on the edge of your seat while you battle the enemy hordes. To celebrate here's a new barrage of screenshots for your consideration..

Space Thinger Demo First Review

The Space Thinger Demo has been reviewed on the excellent Randomise User channel on youtube, we've embedded it below for your viewing pleasure!

Space Thinger Now On IndieDB

Space Thinger on IndieDBSpace Thinger on IndieDB

Space Thinger now has it's own page on indieDB, as well as the usual collection of screenshots and videos indieDB also hosts copies of the Space Thinger Alpha Demo on PC, Mac and Linux to download.
Indie DB is an independent games site featuring news, downloads and media direct from the developers so is a great source of information for all your indie games needs. It even includes the latest from our twitter feed so head over, check it out and while you're there download the demo and get in on the space combat action. While you're there feel free to leave some feedback of questions, we'd love to hear from you.

The Space Thinger Kickstarter Is Live

The Kickstarter PageThe Kickstarter Page

Today (13th May) we launched the Kickstarter for Space Thinger, we're hopeing to raise £6000 to finish a feature complete game by the end of this summer. Check out the Kickstarter page and don't forget to download the demo for a taster of space combat action. The campaign is set to run for one month so please spread the news as far and wide as possible and help us make Space Thinger the game it deserves to be. Thanks for all your support it means a great deal to us, and don't forget to give us feedback on the demo.

The Space Thinger Alpha Demo Is Now Available For Download

With our Kickstarter about to launch it seems prudent to let people play the game they might be supporting, so we have produced the Space Thinger Alpha Demo. Available from the demo is a good taster of whats to come in the full game, the download comes in Windows, Mac OSX and Linux flavours and is of course free. So, to quote one of my favorate films...."come on! do it! do it now!"

Space Thinger On Steam Greenlight

Steam Greenlight PageSteam Greenlight Page

Ahead of our Kickstarter we have started our Greenlight campaign to get Space Thinger released on steam, we'd love it if any of you Steam users out there could lend us your support and vote for us. Also it would be great to hear from you in the discussion thread so any thoughts or ideas you'd like to see in the game just let us know, it would be fantastic to have your input.

Space Thinger Kickstarter

We will soon be starting a Kickstarter campaign to try and raise enough funding to get Space Thinger finished and out to you good people by the end of the summer. We're hoping to raise £10000 which should be enough to get us through the coming months and buy the software and assets we need to make Space Thinger the game we think it deserves to be, having said that we'll probably set the goal to £6000 so that we're more likley to reach our target, which would just about surfice to get Space Thinger out this summer if we curb our ambition just a little. We'll let you know when we have the campaign up and running but in the interim we decided to try and raise awareness of Space Thinger by sending out an introductory press pack of sorts to Indi sites and the gaming press.

The press pack contains links to the videos below but also a bunch of screen shots captured from the original 1080p 60fps raw video files we made before crunching them down into something of a more reasonable size you see in the Youtube videos below. Talking of size the original videos are all so large (over 10 gig in some cases) that I had to put an ssd into the machine used to capture the gameplay because it's existing hdd just couldn't write the files fast enough! Anyhow I thought i'd present the screen shots here for your consideration.

Fire Shot Near MissFire Shot Near Miss

Capturing screen shots can be a frustrating process, even when you can rewind the action, but this shot has all the desired elements: a close combat near miss set against a background of explosions, asteroids and larger ships! Who could ask for more!

Space Station FlybySpace Station Flyby

A close flyby of one of the space stations featured in Space Thinger. Dog fighting around large structures can be fun but watch where your shooting as you don't want to end up damaging the base you're trying to protect. A few misplaced shots are almost inevitable.

The Moody ShotThe Moody Shot

A great mood shot as you approach a battle cruiser from below with shafts of light from the blue sun shining through it's dark silhouetted structure. One of those moments of beauty often lost in the chaos of frantic space combat. Good job it was captured on video!

Station DefenseStation Defense

All zones except the first feature side missions and in this instance it's defending the space station. Ensuring it doesn't get destroyed will net you a hefty reward of crystals and debris with which to upgrade your ship but you won't be penalised or have to restart the zone if you fail.

Station Defense 2Station Defense 2

Getting in close will help you avoid hitting the Space Station but these enemies are equipped with drift mines that will follow your ship and if you're not careful end up hitting and exploding on the Station you're trying to protect. Shoot them before they get the chance!

Multi-Ship CombatMulti-Ship Combat

A nice shot that amply illustrates that Space Thinger likes to throw lots of ships at you! Among the eight enemy ships in this shot you'll find menacing battleships, scavenger ships who will steal your crystals and debris if you let them and agile fighters out for your blood

Electric Close EncounterElectric Close Encounter

The ship shown in this shot is an Asp, an insidious beast that roams the level collecting crystals and debris in order to manufacture drone ships whose only purpose is to take you down. Make despatching this ship a priority, you'll regret it if you don't!

Multi-Missile AlertMulti-Missile Alert

Of course taking the Asp out is easier said than done! It's not only armed with a nasty electric bolt shot but also loaded with missiles. Looks like it's time to launch some explosive counter measures to give those missiles something other than you to chase.

Try Not To Hit The Space StationTry Not To Hit The Space Station

Coming in at a nasty angle it's a good thing that your weapons are locked on to your target ensuring your ordinance lands where it's supposed to. Target lock is gained with any successful hit or by passing your recticule over the enemy when in range, don't waste your secondary weapons without it.

Coming Around For Another PassComing Around For Another Pass

These last two are pictures from the first person video. We're debating putting in a full cockpit but we're also loving the unobscured screen so it's still up for debate. Let us know on which side of the fence you land and we'll go with the popular choice, or let you toggle the cockpit on or off if it's too close to call.

Distant PerspectiveDistant Perspective

The eagle eyed who've watched the first person video will have spotted a honeycomb effect that can sometimes be seen on screen. This is the cockpit glass reflecting surounding light sources. We've kept it vey subtle so as not to obsure the view but let us know if you'd like it stronger or removed altogether.

Space Thinger First Person Video

With all the other videos we've been doing lately it seems high time to show Space Thinger running in first person mode. You can switch first and third person at will but we've never shown it in a video before so here's a quick blast of action to let you see how it looks.

Space Thinger New Videos

After a short delay we are ready to bring you not one but four new Space Thinger videos. Each takes place on a different level of the game so you can get a good idea of the look we are going for!

Here we see the main menu and intro to the first level of Space thinger, a zone with lots of small ships and asteroids to let you find your feet before hitting you with the tougher combat.

If you've watched the previous videos you'll recognise this as the test level, included here to show off the difference the new post processing effects have on the look of the game. A compare and contrast if you will.

A short video that shows some of the large structures found in the full game. Here you are tasked with defending the space station researching the giant alien artifact but the video mostly consists of flyng around to let you have a good look at the scenery!

Apologies in advance for the ever present mouse cursor in this video, but i hope it dosen't detract too much from the action. Here you have another big structure to defend and a good look at some new enemy ships you might not have seen before this new set of videos.

Space Thinger In Unity 5

On March the 3rd Unity 5 was released upon the world. It has countless great new features but some of the first to affect Space Thinger are the post processing effects once reserved for the pro version. These can change a good looking game to a great looking game and Space Thinger is no exception. Take a look at the shots below and you'll see how much the game benefits from these extra effects. It's all even more spectacular when you see it in motion so a video will follow shortly!

Sun shines throughSun shines through

Post processing in action! In this shot you can see a blue sun shining it's light through a giant alien artifact. Note how the light shines through the gaps in an effect that can only be described as awesome! The effect is even more pronounced when the game is in motion.

Warping in to a new levelWarping in to a new level

Any bright light can cast rays to the camera so here we see light shafts created by the level warp in particle effect that occurs at the start of any level as you transition from hyperspace. This shot comes from the first mission you play in Space Thinger.

Blooming NebulasBlooming Nebulas

Another effect now being employed in Space Thinger is bloom. It makes bright colours much more vivid, enhancing the look of the nebulas seen in the background of this shot. You can also see the light rays being projected from the brighter parts of the scene.

Combat ReadyCombat Ready

Don't get too distracted by the lovely new visuals, you're still being shot at! Staying still in Space thinger is a bad idea. We'll bring you some more combat oriented shots within the next few days but we couldn't post new screens without at least one showing you in combat.

As stated above we will have a new video of space thinger in action showing off all the new effects within the next few days, hopefully in the same 1080p format as the first glimpse video below. There will also be some new screenshots of the game in action, so keep and eye on the Wytchlight site if you want the latest on Space Thinger.

Welcome to Space Thinger

Space Thinger is our first project using the Unity engine, and is an arcade space shooter in the spirit of classics like the Xwing series.
With all the trimmings you'd expect from a modern shooter like asteroid mining and collecting the debris of your fallen foes in order to purchase weapon and ship upgrades, Space thinger offers a refreshing take on the space combat genre. We'll start things off with a video so you can get some idea of what it's all about, apologies here for the quality, youtube compression has done us no favours, but we are working to bring you a new video at full 1080p within the next few days, and , if we can get hold of a video capture card 1080p/60fps some time after that...

As the video states this is a very early build running the test level that is used every time we add new features so it drops the player somewhat into the grinder with multiple ships all attacking at once, surfice it to say that the finished game will offer a somewhat gentler difficulty curve with the first mission offering the chance to learn the mechanics taking out a few scout ships while doing a bit of asteroid mining.

Here, finally after a long delay due to illness (tip: if you're an adult and haven't had chicken pox get youself vaccinated it's really not very nice!) is the promised video in 1080p hopefully this gives a better impression of how the game looks!
This video , as well as being far better quality than the one above, also shows far more of the game's systems in action, missiles are fired, counter measures deployed, the long range scanner is used and at one point I even try to avoid the missile chasing me by hiding behind a large asteroid, usually a good tactic, but I don't tuck in close enough and the missle hits me anyway, should have used counter measures!

Below we have a few screen shots to give you a better idea of how things look in the project at the moment, where possible i've presented these in 1920x1080 but there may be some exceptions if i use some shots of the game running in the Unity editor window. Everything so far is full resolution so I hope you like what you see.

Thinger Main MenuThe Main menu in it's first incarnation.

Here we have the initial in game menu, this is very likely to feature more options in the finished game but at the moment only has the bare essentials. Unity offers an options menu when you first launch the game that gives graphics and control options so hopefully it'll remain fairly uncluttered.

Thinger Main MenuEnemies and collectibles close by.

Keep a close eye on the short range scanner, enemies show as red, collectibles as green, asteroids as blue, and hazards as yellow. A slow pace is good for crystal and debris collection but will probably get you killed if too many enemies are near.

Thinger Main MenuA battleship attacks.

These ships are large and slow but can take a good pounding and are armed with some serious weaponry. One hit from that beam weapon and you'll probably need to spend your precious crystals and debris on repairing your ship.

Thinger Main MenuFirst person mode.

While we rather like being able to see your ship in the thick of the action Space thinger also offers a first person mode for the hardcore player. You're free to swap views at any point without pausing the game.

Thinger Main MenuHyperspace and the upgrade menu.

At the end of each level you enter the hypergate to Hyperspace. Here you are free to use any Crystals and Debris you've collected to upgrade your ship and buy new weapons. Crystals and Debris are also used to repair your ship in battle so lets hope you have some left!

Thinger Main MenuAbout to exit hyperspace.

When you've finished upgrading and replenishing your secondary weapons hit the button to close the upgrade computer and summon a hypergate to take on the next combat zone!

This is just a taster of what is to come so stay tuned to the Wytchlight site for more screenshots, info and videos as the development of Space Thinger continues. Hope you like what you see so far and if you have any thoughts, suggestions or comments we'd love to hear from you!